Remedy Residential


REMEDY RESIDENTIAL is a full phase remodel and repair company based in beautiful Boise Idaho. We offer competitive prices for quality craftsmanship. 

We have two focuses: 

REPAIR: that's how we started. By doing small handyman jobs for those in need. Replacing water heaters or dry rot, fixing something that can be a burden for a home owner but no sweat for us. Very often the best part of this job is helping those in need. 

REMODEL: it's a little self indulgent. And it really shines in photos. We've worked on houses that should have been knocked down, kitchens that people didn't want to go in, basement conversions that started out with trash packed shoulder deep.. but what happens is really remarkable: It becomes Lovable again. Transformation instead of replacement. The second chance, breath of life inspiration combined with serious, impressive craftsmanship makes remodels the heart of the company.